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Picture Cred goes to my 10 year old daughter :)

About Me

For as long as I can remember I’ve been in love with photography. The idea that I could capture people and moments in time, and that those moments could live forever seemed almost magical to me when I was a kid. It still does.

Over the years, I studied and played with all kinds of photography, but I rediscovered my passion for taking pictures of people when I became a mom. Kids grow up so fast, I found myself wanting to document every moment—from smiles to temper tantrums.  And so I did. I captured more amazing moments than I could ever have imagined. And eventually, this passion blossomed into my life’s work. 

 It’s about using natural light and capturing real lives in motion—people having fun in casual, natural settings that let their personalities shine through.  

When babies feel comfortable the most amazing expressions appear on their faces. When I catch kids in the act of being themselves, something special happens. And when families relax and just enjoy themselves instead of posing, it’s a beautiful thing.  

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Fruit Heights, Utah


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